Carolina Mårtensson – Social Media & Esports Manager (Feedback as her direct Manager)

Since Magnus took over as my manager I finally feel like I have a manager that not only challenge me but also makes sure to be there helping me out when facing these challenges in my work. He empower me to take decisions on my own and helps me to take decisions I feel like I can’t take on my own.

Magnus makes sure not to take credit for mine or any other team members work, so much that he even makes sure to emphasize that it’s a team effort and/or showcase the team member that should have credit for the work. He puts the team first and makes sure that I as a team member always have the tools and knowledge to do my absolute best. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so recognized and respected for my work from a manager as I’ve felt since Magnus stepped up. He makes sure to listen to me, make sure that I feel proud over my work and help me when needed.

Magnus makes sure that I don’t always think about work, that I don’t work overtime when not actually needed and I feel like I can actually bring things up with him. I can discuss personal matters as well as work related difficulties with him and actually feel like he’s listening and care about me, and I get the feeling that he’s just as caring towards all team members. I wish all managers was as caring and wonderful as Magnus is.

Maria Holgersen – Engagement Manager (Feedback as her direct Manager)

Magnus is adaptable and willing to learn, if he does not know how something works, he will learn it. He has the ability to provide high attention to detail without loosing track of the objective.

Magnus has a positive attitude, is inclusive and treats others with an understanding and respect.

Magnus is the definition of engagement and really lives up to the objective of transforming to an engagement hub. He is always willing to help, provides ideas and give feedback. He always remembers to praise good work, when good work has been done. (which is a good motivation for the whole team)

Casper Jacob Jensen – Engagement Manager (Feedback as his direct Manager)

Magnus is not only a sincere person on a personal level, but also good at helping on a professional level. He comes up with brilliant ideas and wants to implement his own take on different topics.

The way that the marketing team/office, objectives, and our tasks evolve now is due to Magnus & the team’s common ideas, which we can pursue due to his open-mindedness and allowing us to pursue various projects that we would like implemented.

Gustaf Smith – Global Chief Commercial Officer at WeHype (Feedback as a business partner)

I have been working with Magnus for many years, and he is incredible knowledge within the gaming field, is very professional, and is a great leader.

Mattias Diesel Näslund – PR & Marketing Manager at (Feedback as a business partner)

Magnus is such a positive force in the gaming industry. He is a professional that i really respect and enjoy working with and i know that when he is involved in something, the result will be good. I also think that Magnus is a very straight forward professional that always says whats on his mind. A great time everytime we work together!

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