Game Industry Veteran

Over 12 years in the gaming industry with a strong focus on Communication, Social Media and Events.

Worked with some of the biggest AAA titles, from announcements to the executing of launch campaigns cross the Nordic. Leading the full communication, PR and Social Media campaigns.

Created and hosted events all over the Nordic, everything from local Community Events to being part of the biggest Trade Shows.

Engaging with the community is one of my biggest passions, drivers and inspiration.

Influencer Marketing

No matter we like it or not, Influencers and Content Creators are this decades marketing leaders, esp. if you have products that targets Gen-Z and somewhat Millennials.

I have worked with Influencers for the past 10+ years and have tons of experience working all types and categories. I also have a keen eye for the up and coming ones as well as finding common ground with the biggest ones out there!

Have huge network of both agencies, agents and managers and ofcause directly with some of the best and most hardworking influencers out there!

If you are an influencer or an agency I have worked with, feel free to leave a comment on your experience working with me.

Social Media Professional

I have been working with Social Medias since they were invented and I have always felt an interest in learning and understanding how they work, their impact, their strengths and weaknesses! For over 10+ year I have worked professionally with Branding and Engaging on Social Media, still learning since the landscape is always changing and that also why this digital community is so interesting to be a part of, there is never a dull moment.

If we have worked with or on any projects etc. in any way related to Social Media feel free to leave a comment on your experience working with me.