Influencer Marketing

No matter we like it or not, Influencers and Content Creators are this decades marketing leaders, esp. if you have products that targets Gen-Z and somewhat Millennials.

I have worked with Influencers for the past 10+ years and have tons of experience working all types and categories. I also have a keen eye for the up and coming ones as well as finding common ground with the biggest ones out there!

Have huge network of both agencies, agents and managers and ofcause directly with some of the best and most hardworking influencers out there!

If you are an influencer or an agency I have worked with, feel free to leave a comment on your experience working with me.

4 Replies to “Influencer Marketing”

  1. Magnus has been an absolute champ and extremely professional in all collaborations we had throughout the years. Magnus has helped me grow my following with support, ideas and feedback. No matter the day or time to answer and help me out is vital to me. But the most important thing is that he simply is a fantastic person, one that you look up to both professionally and privately.

  2. I’m a streamer and I’ve worked with Magnus on several projects. Magnus is very good at communicating and leading those projects. I always felt like he made it clear what the goals and objectives are, while still leaving room for the creator to put their own touch on how to execute it. His passion for the projects inspired me to go that extra mile and think bigger, which always showed great results at the end of the projects. Magnus is the kind of guy you want leading your projects as he lifts, motivates and enables people, letting them utilize their strengths. I am honored to have worked with Magnus and I hope I get to do so again, wherever his next role might be!

  3. I’ve worked with Magnus for over 10 years now. As a Youtuber and streamer I like it when I get a bit of a personal touch from the people I work with, while still keeping things professional regarding the actual work part. Magnus delivers on those notes perfectly. He always went above and beyond on making sure I was happy with things. I’ve never felt there was anything I couldn’t bring up with him in the projects we’ve worked on together. I’ve got nothing but good memories here, and hope we work together soon again.

  4. Im a Youtuber, and I’ve been on several work-related trips with Magnus all over the world, including Paris, Los Angeles, Koeln, England, and more. It has always been very well planned and executed. He has been nothing other than very professional in his role throughout the nine long years we have worked together on countless different projects. I wish him the best of luck in the future, whatever may be in store for him.

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